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Welcome to Bust'DD

Bust'DD (pronounced "busted") offers supportive, comfortable, and stylish bras in a large range of sizes. Unlike our competitors, we provide an accurate way to determine your bra size without long questionnaires about your breasts or fancy (and inaccurate) computer algorithms. We offer size combinations most stores don't carry along with convenient fitting and sales models and the personal service you deserve.

At Bust'DD we believe Black Lives Matter. Diversity Matters. Inclusion matters. We vow to spread love to all.

What's your true BRA SIZE?

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"I absolutely loved the in-home appointment! Laura came to my house, measured and fit me. She was friendly and knowledgeable."

"I highly recommend Bust'DD to anyone with a hard to find bra sizing."

Laura and Kim are very knowledgeable regarding their business. They have put a lot of time and research into fitting bras correctly and it is apparent they enjoy what they do.

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